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Reputation Management

Public Relations & Review Management Services

The the old adage ‘there’s no such thing as bad press’ couldn’t be more false, especially in the internet age. Reviews online have the potential to build long-standing, positive reputations for brands while lending credibility in the eyes of your target audience. They even affect your standing in search results locally. In fact, 70% of online consumers will only use businesses with a 4-star review rating or higher.


Small business owners need to curate positive reviews online while quickly responding appropriately to the negative ones. A good public relations and reputation management plan positions your business as an industry thought leader by utilizing newsworthy announcements, product launches, targeted content, and aggregated reviews to establish trust with your potential customers online. 


Thought Leadership & Influence Strategy

There's more to selling products than listing them online and getting found by customers. Brands need to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry by proudly displaying their expertise front and center. Becoming an industry expert builds trust and confidence with potential customers and places your business, its products and services as the go-to source for solving problems. 

Newsworthy Events, Service & Product Launches

When it comes to making a splash in crowded niches, most small businesses have trouble due to a lack of time and resources. Working with a partner like Search Dog Digital, you gain a committed partner with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and the skillset for successful implementation all at your fingertips. Give your business the edge it needs by creating a plan, and bringing it to life.

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Review Acquisition, Monitoring & Management

To trust your business, consumers need to see current reviews for both your business, its products and services. Curating positive reviews can skyrocket your business’ reputation as the industry expert and deem you as the go-to source for products and services to solve your audience’s problems. Negative reviews can erode consumer confidence or potentially give you the opportunity to put your excellent customer service on full display for the world to see. 

Take control of you brand's reputation by partnering with Search Dog Digital today.

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