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Professional Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Search Dog Digital is a marketing firm that roots for the underdogs. We understand that small businesses can be complex, working with limited resources and budgets.

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Marketing & Creative Services

Take your small business to the next level!

Search Dog Digital offers a full suite of marketing and digital creative solutions to help your business succeed in an increasingly saturated marketplace.


For a business to succeed, you need to know where you are, where you're going, and how to get there. Consult with the team at Search Dog Digital and build a plan for your success.

Website &
Graphic Design

It's said you have 3 seconds to attract the attention of shoppers before they move on. Having a simple, creative, and effective design work is key to making a lasting first impression, both online and off.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing are at the core of every website. Like a car without an engine, a website without SEO cannot take your business where it needs to go.

Reputation Management

Controlling your online reputation is absolutely vital as a business owner. Positive reviews establish trust, while negative reviews can generate opportunities for positive outcomes and growth. Have a plan, and execute.


'Content is king' has never rang truer. From attracting your target audience to nurturing leads, and educating customers to supporting website SEO, fresh content is crucial.

Social Media Management

Big brands understand the power of social media and that it puts their messaging at the fingertips of customers. Knowing your audience, which platforms they're on, and having a plan can bring big growth. 


Search Dog Digital

Marketing Professionals Passionate About Small Business Success

Located in Cherokee county, Georgia, Search Dog Digital is a strategic marketing agency focused on fueling big results for small businesses. Bringing decades of marketing expertise to the table, our efforts have helped generate millions in annual sales revenues, yielding growth, and business sustainability. Finding ways to grow your business can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re dealing with financial constraints that make it difficult to spend money on marketing campaigns or hiring new employees. We're a firm that helps the small business 'underdogs' succeed. 

With Search Dog Digital, you won’t be paying inflated prices for a firm with a luxurious downtown suite, exotic cars (yes, we’ve seen this!) or for campaigns that don’t relate to your business expectations. You will be gaining an industry partner that coordinates with you regarding your business needs and delivers campaigns that achieve your goals on budget.


Partner Testimonials

Anthony McMullen, President

Working with Justin, we’ve developed a solid marketing strategy and have greatly improved our online and digital marketing presence. From SEO and PPC management, to setting up marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns he’s gone above and beyond to ensure our success.

Jennie Mayou, Marketing Executive

I've worked with Justin on several marketing projects over the years and he has always provided a first-class service. Justin has always offered expert knowledge and insights leading to several successful campaigns, including effective Email marketing with high open and click-through rates...

Mark Waring, Vice President

Working with Justin, I have been impressed with his insight into identifying a business’s needs and requirements in order to increase visibility either through conventional or digital media marketing channels. From developing existing projects to conceptual packages he has the skills...


Search Dog Digital

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Email & Phone:

Phone: +1 (888) 671-3294
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2210 Holly Sptings Pkwy,

P.O. Box #736

 Holly Springs, Georgia 30142

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